FUSED NYC is a web design and marketing agency that uses the power of responsive WordPress website design and content marketing to help clients grow. We create modern, SEO driven websites and engaged digital communities. You’re passionate about your brand, and we believe in transferring that passion from every page on your website to every Tweet you launch. Our goal is to decorate the Internet with modern websites and sleaze-free online marketing.

Zen Your Den

Barbara Trapp, owner of Zen Your Den, is a professional organizer helping busy professionals and determined downsizers gain control of their stuff and schedules. Using her background in training, communications, technology and project management, Barbara helps create systems appropriate for each of her clients and coaches them on how to maintain them. Barbara and Zen Your Den serves clients in person from Ponte Vedra to Amelia Island and everywhere else via Skype. Whether you need help moving in, moving out, downsizing or decluttering, Barbara can help you bring order to chaos.

My Own Little Circus

A chronicle of do-it-yourself adventures (and misadventures) from ambitious projects to simple recipes and crafts. We explain why each was a fantastic or horrendous idea and tips for how you can do it better. My Own Little Circus also provides a resource section for essential oils, which are used in multiple projects and recipes, and a shop for handmade items so you don’t always have to DIY.


StickerGiant prints high-quality stickers and labels. They have the best customer service, quick turnaround times and free custom shapes using state of the art laser cutting. Every sticker has a story. Want to share your story today? They’re waiting to hear from you at stickergiant.com.