Keiser University

6430 Southpoint Pkwy #100
Jacksonville, FL 32216

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Heading South on I-95

  • Take I-95 S to FL-109 N/University Blvd W. Take exit 346A from I-95 S
    • Use the 2nd from the left lane to stay on FL-10 E and follow signs for I-95 S
    • Use the middle lane to take the I-95 S exit toward US-1 S/Philips Hwy
    • Keep left at the fork and merge onto I-95 S
    • Take exit 346A for FL-109 E/University Blvd
  • Merge onto FL-109 N/University Blvd W
  • Turn right onto Spring Park Rd
  • Turn left onto Bowden Rd
  • Turn right onto Southpoint Pkwy

Heading North on I-95

  • Take exit 345 for Bowden Rd toward FL-109/University Blvd
  • Turn right onto Bowden Rd (signs for FL-109/University Blvd)
  • Turn right onto Southpoint Pkwy


As you come down Southpoint Pkwy (from either direction) look for the signs. They will have our Main Street Bridge logo on them. Watch for them.

If you're watching for directional signage, they look like this.


Do not. You heard correctly. Do NOT park in the spots marked “Visitor”.


Look for the building with the large Keiser University lettering on the side of it. Enter through the main doors at the center.

Outside of Keiser University Building